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Chapter 1753 – Question… Answer! jealous rule
Song Shuhang shouted wittily, “Soft Feather, what is the solution?”
Music Shuhang responded, “I’m fine, I can still take care of for quite some time.”
He’d thought of a thing fun.
Speaking of which, he now recalled that back as he tried using launching ‘Senior White Two’ for the elderly people from the major society along with the audience, his thoughts has been directly changed into gibberish.
№ Hamster said, “Wrong response!”
Possibly he required to function until Elderly Whitened Two’s fury cooled out of?
Tune Shuhang remarked, “It appears karma hit back quite swiftly.”
The dignified voice persisted, “I’m Historical Demon Ranzhen.”
“Aaaah~” Song Shuhang simply let out a strange yell while he quickly increased his jogging velocity.
In the event the people in the Nine Provinces Primary Crew bought on Senior White’s awful side and were delivered within the sky by his ‘disposable coiling piloting sword’, they all screamed nonstop. But Gentle Feather was the only one and this includes who received ecstatic when you are directed in to the atmosphere.
Section 1753 – Query… Answer!
Aren’t you only pressuring me right into a gone conclude?
Smooth Feather required, “Is this jogging tire a magical prize tossed over by Older White colored?”
But over the following occasion, her number was taken within she dropped down onto the wheel. Then, she was impacted by the covered airs.p.a.ce, as well as her virtuous human body couldn’t keep on being hovering.
At the bed, Fairy Formation was immediately enticed immediately after finding the virtuous lamia having fun.
Melody Shuhang remarked, “It seems karma struck back quite rapidly.”
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№ Hamster responded, “If you will discover a punishment, then there’s naturally an additional incentive. № Tyrannical Song, we treat you as our very own.”
This scourge probably befell him since he acquired referred to as out of the title ‘Senior Bright Two’ repeatedly in a row just now. While not him comprehending, he obtained ‘pinged’ Senior Bright Two frequently.
Are not you only pressuring me into a deceased ending?
Currently, inside presentation broadcast, № Hamster obtained finally commenced formally presenting the talk. After quickly under-going the prelude to the dialog, it proceeded to go instantly to the topic. “There really are a whole of seven forms of prevalent offensive types for clairvoyant energy.”
The existing tribal chief asked curiously, “Was she too big and have jammed?”
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“…” Piece of music Shuhang.
To Have and to Hold
“How enough time do I still need to reply to the problem?” Melody Shuhang required when he ran.
At this time, on the ‘№ Hamster speech’ screen that Song Shuhang was viewing, it had only condensed its Sage Close up, as well as its talk hadn’t even started yet still.
Fairy Production exclaimed, “Huh? Foolish, mindless!!”
All at once, he excited the transmit of № Hamster’s ‘Divinity Show’, and begun to mult.i.job.
The Gold of Chickaree
Through the facet, Tender Feather prompted, “Senior Track, right here is the articles of [Old Demon Ranzhen]’s presentation, ❮Combining Cognitive Electricity (or Divine Perception) With Strength To Form a Powerful Offensive Clairvoyant Technique❯.”
“If attainable, try not to hold up for too much time,” № Hamster prompted. “For these 50 problems, the earlier you conclude answering, the higher the incentive you’ll get.”
As he was going, Song Shuhang tried using triggering innate abilities including ‘air walking’ or maybe the ‘Lotus Blossoming Walk’, but he found that there were a legislation forbidding being the middle of-atmosphere into the hamster tire. As his body couldn’t elevate to the surroundings, he could only shift in accordance with the going tire and run onward.
In this manner, into the hamster tire, Music Shuhang went in-front, while the virtuous lamia slithered swiftly ideal at the rear of him. The scene has become one the place where a lamia chased soon after an old granddad.
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In this manner, inside hamster wheel, Song Shuhang jogged in the front, although the virtuous lamia slithered speedily perfect associated with him. The landscape has become one where the lamia chased following a well used uncle.
Figure an answer? There were clearly excessive solutions to a matter of proportion, just in case there seemed to be a decimal issue, it may well become unattainable to suppose the answer by any means. Therefore, it was actually a lot more right to request outside guide!
He hadn’t finished observing № Hamster’s lecture, but Very soft Feather do, so she should be aware the perfect solution.
But when she got halfway through… she bought jammed.
“Reminder, external support is not allowed. If the solution to an issue is purchased through additional a.s.sistance, it will likely be directly judged as being a malfunction in addressing the issue, and the speed with the tire will increase,” № Hamster said. “Also, don’t consider utilising the secrets audio transmitting procedure. This jogging tire was specially made to isolate approaches like those.”
“Stupid Tyrannical Song, can’t you realize my tone of voice?” The dignified voice changed into the cute weep of № Hamster.
№ Hamster inquired, “Second Issue: just how many types of fundamental offensive types does clairvoyant power have?”
However, when she bought halfway through… she bought stuck.
Just after wondering for a short time, she stretched out her other hand, and opened her palms.

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