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Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2114 – Long Xiaochun unsightly willing
Soon after returning to his residence, he decided to go into seclusion for ten days finally completely chased away that icy-cool sensing.
“Thank me?” Ye Yuan was at a loss.
… …
Lengthy Xiaochun giggled after ability to hear and mentioned, “Qi Zhen that other is really as as well before! But this time, he can’t strut around any further,
Arriving at the hall, Ye Yuan indeed spotted a little bit young lady that has a horn growing on her brain. Her look was very lovely and adorable, producing persons feel happy if they found her.
FFF-Class Trashero
“Xiaochun! Are you presently here or otherwise?”
Long Xiaochun sized Ye Yuan up and down and requested using a very wondering appearance, “I observed that Qi Chen made a bet on you. But in the end, Qi Zhen really did not dare to accept the difficulty and canceled the guess with not show as being the purpose, and the man even vulnerable you. That’s why he was destroyed on your part is always that so?”
“Very soon, Xin Luo, this matter, my Qilin Clan has recalled it. Your Westspirit Region just look forward to my Qilin Clan’s wrath! Qi Yun, let us go!”
Ahead of a perfect emperor, empyreans had been merely ants far too.
“Could it be …”
the good comrade text
Xin Luo possessed long somewhat envisioned this scene. Viewing your situation, he could not assist smiling bitterly.
Furthermore, Gongyang Lay also had selfish motives.
properly killed! This youthful woman has lengthy discovered that Qi Zhen displeasing to the attention. I originated today to tell you many thanks.
That kind of bloodline suppression, unless the Qilin Clan’s pinnacle divine emperors came, usually, there were absolutely no way to contend in any way.
All of his consideration toward Ye Yuan all stemmed from Sacred Ancestor High Priest.
Unrivaled Medicine God
Seeing and hearing Xin Luo’s explanation, Qi Chen was taken aback with jolt.
how were you aware?”
Ye Yuan’s alchemy strength definitely made them astounded. But why would a Incredible Emperor giant like Gongyang Rest really give thought to a genius?
From the area, Xin Luo’s expression flickered incessantly.
Long Xiaochun measured Ye Yuan all around and expected with a very inquisitive appear, “I listened to that Qi Chen created a wager to you. But eventually, Qi Zhen really failed to dare to simply accept the process and canceled the wager with not being offer because the cause, and this man even vulnerable you. That is why he was wiped out on your part is the fact so?”
Each of his regard toward Ye Yuan all stemmed from Sacred Ancestor High Priest.
don’t their Qilin Clan just depend on blaze-attribute law to acquire from a notch in alchemy?”
Unrivaled Medicine God
In addition, Gongyang Rest also possessed selfish objectives.
Ye Yuan thought Empyrean Huge Universe’s terms ever more. The ancient era’s powerhouses have been really incomparably effective.
Ye Yuan also secretly nodded when he listened to it. This conformed to Qi Zhen’s temper, remaining overbearing.
True Words for Brave Men
Ye Yuan’s alchemy sturdiness really produced them astounded. Why would a Incredible Emperor powerhouse like Gongyang Rest really take note of a master?
This Heavenspan Environment, there was prodigies desperate every secondly. It turned out not deficient Ye Yuan by itself.
Unrivaled Medicine God
Ye Yuan’s visual appearance already afflicted High Priest Redplume’s position during the demon competition.
“Lord Gongyang! What should be done in regards to this issue?” Xin Luo stated.
Ye Yuan was currently amazed in their center when that young girl already found Ye Yuan and originated facing Ye Yuan with just a few leaps and bounds, getting a pair of sizeable vision large open up as she claimed using a beam, “You’re Subsequent Sage Ye Yuan? It was actually you who destroyed Qi Zhen?”
Furthermore, Gongyang Lie also experienced self-centered reasons.
Long Xiaochun disclosed a look of shock, and she reported in astonishment,

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